Comprehensive LED Lighting Service

Whether you are expanding your existing LED lighting system or are thinking about switching to new LED lighting technology, we can not only provide you with a comprehensive selection of high quality lamps, but also guide you throughout the whole process; from initial consultation and planning to implementation and on-going maintenance. We deliver bespoke solutions with high quality products, designed and installed by experienced lighting designers. This means all our lighting designs comply with the latest regulations and industry standards, as well as meeting specific requirements at your site.

We do more than just sell quality LED lamps; we establish sustainable and long-term partnerships with our clients. If your existing lighting system no longer meets your requirements or industry standards, we can provide unique LED lighting solutions, backed and delivered by our network of professional partners.

Our LED Service at a glance:

  • Premium quality, long-life LED lamps
  • Solutions designed for your requirements
  • Professional design proposals with realistic and accurate pay-back calculations
  • Professional Management throughout the whole process
  • On-going Support and maintenace after installation

Real-life Operating Conditions

For any new high-quality LED lighting system to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, a thorough analysis and monitoring of the operational conditions is recommended. It forms the basis of any optimally designed lighting system, and is the only way to guarantee the highest light quality and energy efficiency.

Our Lighting Audit includes:

  • Measurement of operational environment (e.g. a room plan with dimensions, height, wall & flooring)
  • Analysis of existing lighting (e.g. lamp position and cabling infrastructure)
  • Consideration of the planned use of the space and equipment
  • Calculation of projected maintenance and energy savings

Payback Period

Selecting the most appropriate LED lamps and undertaking a thorough lighting audit guarantees a quick return on investment.

To calculate the true payback period of a new LED lighting system, you have to consider more than just the energy savings. There are a whole range of additional costs, including changes in energy prices and on-going maintenance. In many cases, a new LED lighting system pays for itself in just a few years.

As part of the lighting audit we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of energy and costs savings and an accurately and realistically calculated payback period thus providing you with the necessary level of detail and certainty to plan for your lighting project.


Light Proposal

Any commercial lighting proposal should consider efficiency, payback periods, industry standards and regulatory compliance. Our consultants and lighting planners are able to adapt lighting proposals to meet specific requirements and cater for any complex or demanding lighting projects. Based on both the findings from our lighting audit and your specific needs, we select the correct type, number and positioning of LED lamps best suited to the project.

We can provide excellent, bespoke lighting solutions during construction, refurbishment or as a direct upgrade, using tried and tested software provided by Dialux.

This means we can create lighting solutions which optimise light distribution to deliver the best lighting levels, maximise energy and cost savings as well as improve working and environmental conditions.


Bespoke Solutions

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; our lighting solutions are designed around your needs and operating conditions, using our extensive industry experience.


All our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards so that we can offer you the best warranties. As part of our obligations under the PV-Lighting industry standard, we are continually assessed to ensure we meet the required high-quality and performance standards, providing you with piece of mind for your investment.

LED Customer Service/ Financial Support

Through our carefully selected finance partners, we also offer alternative payment arrangements to minimise any impact on your finances. Leasing your new lighting can be a good alternative to purchasing it outright, removing any need for capital expenditure and improving your cash-flow. If you are looking to maintain investment appeal, avoid cash-flow issues or avoid increased asset costs, then a leasing agreement may be for you. For more information, please contact us directly.