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About Us

Professional choice for competitively-priced, durable LED lighting products

For many years LED Distribution has been focused on a single goal:
to provide cost-effective and sustainable products and services to our customers.
In the lighting business this means not only offering powerful, high quality lamps
but also a comprehensive  customer service, from professional consultation to installation.

Our priority is to provide our clients with a range of competitively priced LED lamps.
We also offer a comprehensive and unparalleled turn-key service through our carefully selected partners,
consisting of professional electricians and lighting planners with proven industry experience.

Would you like take advantage of the latest LED lighting technology
to improve your working or living environment and save money at the same time?
We can provide you with a comprehensive lighting service, free consultation included!
Make L4B your preferred choice for professional domestic, commercial, retail and industrial LED lighting.
Our product range is designed for a wide range of applications; from gallery or product exhibition spaces,
storage and manufacturing areas to street or exterior lighting and much more inbetween.

LED Lighting Company Vision (Our lighting hallmarks)

As a growing commercial led lighting company, at L4B we are passionate about the opportunities and possibilities that lighting technology offers.
We strive to provide our customers with optimal and bespoke solutions.
We constantly strive to deliver the best service through our growing team of lighting experts and highly-skilled partners.
We combine state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality components to ensure our products achieve the highest energy efficiency.
We are continuously developing our product range and adopting new working procedures to guarantee even greater quality.
Our outstanding customer service makes us an ideal partner to deliver your lighting needs,
while our network of professional partners enables us to operate as an independent market leader in the lighting industry.

“If there is a better way to do things: go and do it!”

Thomas Alva Edison (US-american inventor)

LEDs – for any Lighting Occasion
The LED is a proven technology, which is taking the lighting market by storm. It provides many advantages over traditional lamps, making it a clear choice for new lighting projects. LED technology uses less energy, is more economical, lasts longer, dissipates significantly less heat, is shock and vibration resistant and switches on and off instantaneously and much more!

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Light Design & Implementation
As part of our comprehensive service, we offer you your own choice of LED fitting to match your requirement. Through our experienced partners, we can tailor our products to suit your needs and deliver an optimised LED solution. We undertake a full lighting audit and propose a lighting solution designed to deliver the quickest return on investment. We then guide you through the whole process; from installation and maintenance to financial support if required.

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Info about LED & Co / What is LED lighting? / About Us
LED lighting is a sustainable, revolutionary, and future-proof technology which is driving significant change in the lighting market. Although it is relatively new to the market, few people may be aware that LED technology was actually discovered over 100 years ago. This means that you don’t have to look far to find an abundance of information about its development, operating principles and benefits.

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Branch solutions

Our customer' requirements and operating conditions form the Basis of any given lighting project.
 To do this effectively, we draw on our significant industry experience to create unique Solutions.

A comprehensive service for a successful lighting project

Whether you are expanding your existing LED lighting system or switching to the new the technology,
we not only provide you with a comprehensive selection of high quality lamps,
but also guide you throughout the whole process; from initial consultation,
planning and implementation to on-going maintenance.
Our bespoke solutions also take into account regulatory compliance and industry standards,
in addition to the particular demands and on-site requirements, and incorporate top-quality products,
designed and installed by experienced lighting professionals.

We do more than just sell quality LED lamps;
we establish sustainable and long-term partnerships with our clients.
If your existing lighting system no longer meets your requirements or relevant industry standards,
we can provide unique LED lighting solutions,
backed and delivered by our network of professional partners.

Our service at a glance

> Premium quality, long life LED lamps

> Solutions designed to your requirements

> Professional design proposal with realistic and accurate pay-back calculations

> Professional management throughout the whole process

> On-going support and maintenance after installation

commercial led lighting uk
Lighting Design
Basic considerations for any commercial lighting project should include efficiency, return on investment, industry standards and regulatory compliance. Our consultants and lighting designers are able to adapt and alter designs to meet the requirements of any complex or demanding lighting projects. Accounting for product technicalities and the client-specific requirements, we provide a proposal with the correct type, number and position of LED lamps.
All our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Our quality management process is continuously monitored and all our products are stamped with the PV-Lighting approval, certifying their high quality and exceptional performance. This provides reassurance to our customers that their investment is backed by guarantee.
Customer Service/ Financial Support
Together with carefully selected finance providers, we also offer a range of finance options to our clients. You may wish to lease the lighting solution rather than paying for it out-right. This enables you to be cash-neutral, or even cash-positive from day one, allowing you to upgrade your lighting without impacting on your cash-flow or financess. Please enquire for more information on the rage of leasing and financial agreements we offer.