LED Saving Specialist

LED savings, Save up to 70% on Energy and Improve Light Quality.

With the lighting team at "Light for Business" you are in safe hands.

  • LEDs are more economical and more durable than conventional lamps.
  • Careful selection and installation of LED technology can help achieve even larger energy savings
  • Because we use components from well-known manufacturers to certified quality standards, such as TÜV, we can offer you long product warranties, minimal maintenance costs and a secure investment.
  • Our professional and thorough lighting audit, including a detailed breakdown of savings, means you can accurately budget for your new lighting system before the project has started.

Savings per LED tube: £14,08 /year *)
Amortization period: 1.5 years

*) calculation based on changing a 5"/58W flourescent tube with 2.500 h per year operating time

Ask for a complimentary and obligation-free lighting audit to see how you could improve your lighting system and save money by converting to LED.